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The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Hoof Care

Did you know...
That for every 1 centimeter of extra toe length-this results in an extra 50 kilograms of force acting on the tendons?

And... A -1 degree drop in the sole angle where the deep digital flexor tendon inserts into the coffin bone (affected by the Palmar Angle) can lead to a 4% increase in the pressure exerted by the DDFT on the navicular bone? (Credit Dr. Renate Weller)

Additionally, long toes means that the heels migrate forward which causes concussive damage to the navicular region.

This is why knowledgeable and timely trimming is necessary to an equine's well being. People need to also get far away from the idea that an 8 week trim schedule is adequate for all horses since in a 5-6 week cycle 3-4% correct angle is lost almost every time (depending on the surfacing your horse stays on) and this results in 20% more load on the tendons.

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